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TOFIL Awardee

Teodoro M. Locsin, Sr.
TOFIL Awardee for Journalism, 1990


Teodoro Montelibano Locsin, Sr. was born on December 24, 1914 in Silay City, Negros Occidental. He attended public school from Grades I to IV and later transferred to Ateneo de Manila where he stayed on until he completed his Associate in Arts degree. At the University of Santo Tomas, he took up law. He graduated, passed the bar and went into practice.

It wasn’t long before though, that he joined the Philippine Free Press as an editorial member in 1939. This marked the start of his 61-year affair with journalism.

A vociferous advocate for freedom, Locsin was intrepid in voicing out his protest. During World War II, when the Free Press was shut down, Locsin fled to Negros Occidental to join the guerilla resistance. Upon resumption of Free Press’ operations, he rejoined it and became its editor in 1963. Locsin warned repeatedly about Marcos’ plans to declare Martial Law. Thus, he was among those first arrested when martial law was imposed and incarcerated for several months at the Fort Bonifacio.

Locsin bequeathed to Philippine Journalism his unbending standards for integrity, professionalism and truth. Aside from his editorship of The Philippine Free Press, Locsin also penned The Heroic Confession, a novel about Rizal, Fragments and Ruins, a collection of poems, Trial and Error, a collection of short stories, among others.

Aside from the TOFIL award, Locsin’s other notable awards were “Oustanding Newspaperman for 1956” by the Confederation of Filipino Veterans, “Rizal pro Patria Award” in 1961, and the “Philippine Legion of Honor Award” (twice).

Locsin died from cancer on Jan. 22, 2000.


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