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The Insular Life Assurance Co., Ltd. is the first and largest Filipino life insurance company... Read more »

The JCI Senate Philippines is an organization of Jaycee International (JCI) members who... Read more »

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Institutionalizing Public Recognition for
Outstanding Filipino Achievement

The Outstanding Filipino (TOFIL) Award was conceived by Junior Chamber International (JCI) Senate Philippines in 1988 to institutionalize public recognition of men and women, 41 years of age and over, whose exemplary achievements are worthy of emulation.

JCI Senate Philippines believes that there are a lot of men and women age 41 and over who deserve recognition for their contributions to society. It enlisted the support of Insular Life in an endeavor that would give due recognition to these people. Thus the TOFIL Award was born.

The JCI Senate Philippines is an organization of a select group of Junior Chamber International (JCI) members, who, in recognition of their outstanding achievements and contributions to the JCI movement, have been awarded lifetime membership as JCI Senators. They now number 3,000 in the Philippines. Among them are: a former chief justice, senators, representatives, cabinet secretaries, governors, city mayors, judges, and other government officials; presidents of financial, industrial, commercial, agricultural, and other business enterprises; distinguished doctors, lawyers and other professionals; successful entrepreneurs and community leaders.

The Insular Life Assurance Co., Ltd. is the first and largest Filipino life insurance company. Long considered an institution in the Philippine Life insurance industry, Insular Life has a record of stability, dependability and pioneering moves that span 100 years of continued service to the Filipino. A cornerstone of the company's stability is its strong asset base, growing number of policyholders, and a superior product line. Its subsidiaries and affiliates provide general insurance, health maintenance and investment services. Today, Insular Life is one of the country's leading full service financial institution. Insular Life has been the corporate sponsor of the TOFIL search since 1988.


About the Trophy

Befitting the prestigious TOFIL Awards, the TOFIL trophy was designed and executed by National Artist Napoleon Abueva. The 27-inch trophy of irregular polygonal form symbolizes the many sidedness of human endeavor, and its gradual narrowing top represents the pinnacle of achievement. The wide base reflects solidity of purpose.